Hello, Бенвей.! How are you doing? Are you one of those who only read or do you comment too?

Well, anyway, today I put on that long skirt that mom had made for me ages ago. It still fits. Sort of. Well, it's really tight but I can button it! That's good! ... And I have no idea what else I would like to write about. I'm sleepy and somewhat hungry and bored.



There's a funny thing about the French language: sometimes I hear it and its "r" and the nasal sounds are like.... bleeeh! But sometimes I hear it and it sounds sort of nice... I wonder if it depends on the accent because some speakers seem to have a very strong "rrr" and others just produce a soft (even though still gutteral) sound. And it's not that bad after all. Well, I know nothing about French, I've never taken it, I have no idea how to read or speak it. I just hear the difference. I wonder if that's a Canadian accent that I like better... I dunno. Everyone is so fond of the language... I also wonter if this worldwide admiration is real rather than induced :)

This entry is a result of me having stumbled upon a French song (no idea what it's about).



So I guess I should say "hello" to the first person who friended me here - garance! Hello! What's up? Speak English, huh?

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call of selfishness

I'm reading a book and there's a guy who's in love with a girl but he can't let her know due to certain circumstances. The book is not exactly about that but it's one of the lines through the story. So... the author describes the guy's feeling, his restlesness and despair... I know the feelings and I know that they hurt but I just wish someone had them for me. I know it is beyond selfishness but I want someone to be hopelessly in love with me just because I've been there and now I want to be on the other bank. I want to be the object of someone's dreams. For a year I had to deal quite a lot with teanagers and I kept wondering if I was of any interest for any of them. I mean teenage boys tend to fall in love with young teachers or theit classmates' older sisters, right? I myself was in love with the coach in High School. So it would simply be flattering to know that someone loves you from a distance without bothering you or causing problems. It would be nice to watch someone be desperate from the safe other bank.

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a chain of thoughts

Okay... So here I am at work looking forward to going home in several hours. Most of my co-workers are no more than strangers, I don't find them interesting enough to talk to. I bet they think I am a freak. No, I do not have extended tattoos or piercing all around my face, nothing like that, I look quite casual, in fact. But I just don't feel like I'm one of them. When I go to the kitchen and hear them gossip about their husbands' ex-wives and stuff like that I feel both amused at their stupidity and annoyed... I've never heard them talk about anything meaningful, things that would be interesting enough for me to join the conversation. Hold on... Have I ever seen a bunch of guys clustered in the kitchen? Just a few times... So when I think of my co-workers I mostly think of the girls, not the guys, that's the problem! They are more notable, they make more noise and attract more attention, so they seem to dominate, but that is not true. There is quite a lot of guys here and they are not so irritating. Now that I'm thinking about it the guys seem more... intelligent? When I came to work today I had quite a nice chat with that new guy... And minutes ago I enjoyed talking to my partner. Yeah... I can have fun with my co-workers but not with females. Yep, I'm a girl who doesn't know how to deal with other girls. Aren't they just stupid with all that shopping addiction and empty gossipy conversations?

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First entry

Hey! What's up? Here's gonna be this blog where I hope to pour my paranoid thoughts onto occasional (or not quite so) readers. And just to warn you, guys, there's gonna be NO personal information. I don't plan on revealing anything at all about who I am, where I am and so on. All you need to know is that I'm female in my 20s, have a boyfriend and a work.

This blog is also going to be monolingual and as you can guess, the language is going to be English. I am going to ignore all comments or whatever in any other laguage. My first intention was to get a blog at livejournal or google but I just wanna be different and I admit it. Every other blog there is either in English or Chinese, so I thought: what the heck? Why can't I have a blog in English here?

Well, and I don't teach anybody, if you have problems with your school assignment I don't give a crap, I'm not gonna do things for you.

So... I'm a selfish and a little bitchy girl who (sadly) seeks for attention. How lame is that? Dang, who cares?

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