Okay... So here I am at work looking forward to going home in several hours. Most of my co-workers are no more than strangers, I don't find them interesting enough to talk to. I bet they think I am a freak. No, I do not have extended tattoos or piercing all around my face, nothing like that, I look quite casual, in fact. But I just don't feel like I'm one of them. When I go to the kitchen and hear them gossip about their husbands' ex-wives and stuff like that I feel both amused at their stupidity and annoyed... I've never heard them talk about anything meaningful, things that would be interesting enough for me to join the conversation. Hold on... Have I ever seen a bunch of guys clustered in the kitchen? Just a few times... So when I think of my co-workers I mostly think of the girls, not the guys, that's the problem! They are more notable, they make more noise and attract more attention, so they seem to dominate, but that is not true. There is quite a lot of guys here and they are not so irritating. Now that I'm thinking about it the guys seem more... intelligent? When I came to work today I had quite a nice chat with that new guy... And minutes ago I enjoyed talking to my partner. Yeah... I can have fun with my co-workers but not with females. Yep, I'm a girl who doesn't know how to deal with other girls. Aren't they just stupid with all that shopping addiction and empty gossipy conversations?

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