Ojos Verdes
There's a guy who helps me with Spanish. He's from Peru and he said he could help me with my exercises. So I email them to him, he corrects the mistakes and sends them back. On Monday two weeks ago I sent him like a bunch of exercises, he called and said that his computer had broken down and he couldn't reply at once but he would email me on Thursday. Thursday passed... then next Thursday passed - my inbox is still waiting, so do I. Well, I do understand that the guy's all busy and doesn't even have to do anything for me but once you promised... you ought to do it, right? Or at least let the person know that you can't meet the deadline you set up yourself and provide them with the leeway that they might need. I always try to keep my promises and I don't like people who don't. I think I should find another person to help me.

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