Ojos Verdes
I don't think I've ever been a real fan of Metallica but there was time when I really really liked them. And during the span I had friends who liked the band too. So there was a guy who spoke very bad English and once he invited me to his place and asked what one of the songs was about. The funny thing about it was that the video clip was about a stripper/whore who lived in a cheap motel with her little daughter but the song was.... I think it was about a day (or rather a night) of a member of the band itself. So, the lyrics had nothing to do with prostitution ar anything like that. Unless whoever had made the clip thought that a life of a popular person who traveled around the country resembled the one of a whore.

I've recently recalled that day when I translated the song to the guy and I remember myself wondering how they could possibly have made a clip like that for a song like that. And I had no clue. And now I think I do. So does it mean I've become smarter? And I guess I miss those friends of mine a little. And I miss my teenage years. Well, I'm gonna be good, right?

Here's the clip.