Ojos Verdes
Being a teenager I hoped I would grow tall. Even though I knew neither of my parents was tall, I still hoped I would outwit genetics somehow. I didn't. So, I'm about 5'3". Looking back I can see that it was mostly due to the childish stereotype that says "the taller - the older - the cooler". And I have no idea why it happened today but I finally made up my mind as to what I really like. I don't like very tall women and I am glad I am not one of them. I think I should thank a girl a saw today in the crowd. She was no one I knew and she looked Asian. As all Asians, she was short, shorter even than me, but she looked so nice and somewhat fascinating. I tried to imagine her tall and what I pictured didn't look nearly as nice as the actual girl. So I realized that I am finally 100% happy with my height. Isn't it stupid to let a six inch height differential confound your happiness? It's not about inches at all. I know tall women that look ridiculous and ungainly. And I know short women who having gained weight, look piggish. So, what the heck? You can look like crap or be gorgeous no matter how tall you are. But as for me, I think that short women look nicer maybe because they look so vulnerable and fragile rather than strong and big. I'm finally happy about it!