Ojos Verdes
Ok, I'm back. These weeks were quite hectic with all the shopping and stuff. I like the days right before Christmas when I can relax, watch the decorated pine tree sparkle in the corner and listen to Frank Sinatra.

When I was a kid I loved getting presents, now I am even more excited about giving presents. I always anticipate people's reaction to what I prepared for them. I love seeing their curiosity and thrill and... well, you know... this way their eyes glisten. I think I really like it more than waiting for presents. Maybe that's because I don't get as many presents now as I used to because I do not have as many friends these days. Well, maybe this year it will be better!

You know, I have no idea how I could possibly fall asleep knowing that Santa would come and bring presents... Seriously, how did they put me to sleep?? I bet they had to drug me.

Well, ok, I hope that whoever stumbles upon this entry is gonna have a nice Xmas mood. :xmas: