shortly about the holidays

Ojos Verdes
Ok, here I am, waiting for my dinner and having nothing else to do. Well, I mean, of course I could clean around or even call my parents to ask how they are doing but let's be realists, nobody ever does it. So, ummm... Xmas was fine, I got some cool presents although I seem to have spent much more money on the stuff I gave other people than what I actually received. But that's what my family is like. My mom will never spend an extra penny on me, she saves everything she can to buy nice (and useless) stuff for herself. So, her present was decidedly the stupidest, I don't even wanna tell anybody what it was. I'm so fucking mysterious.

The New Year's party was a total freak show! I love watching other people booze up and horse around. I can't drink that much myself, physically... so I prefer good old pot and watching everybody else drink whatever they like. Sometimes I pretend I drink screwdriver drinking orange juice, nobody likes those who don't drink. Anyway, I will really try to show up here a bit oftener. Gotta go now, the dinner's waiting.

2013-03-09 в 18:14 

right away, great captain!
hey, glad to see you again~
I have already thought you were gone...
and, you know, I should to say "sorry that I not comment". sorry!
I really like how you write, anyway. write more!

2013-03-09 в 22:11 

Ojos Verdes
Бенвей., wow! Thank you!!! I mean, really, thank you! I'm gonna write more ))


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