about jogging

Ojos Verdes
Ok, another brief note, I guess. I just wanted to write a bit about jogging. I like jogging, really, I like feeling that I work out and that all my muscles work, I derive true joy from the exertion, I even like tasting my pulse in my throat and knowing that my heart is getting stronger. So why is it so fucking hard to kick my ass out of bed early in the morning and exercise? The first mile is always the hardest but then your body sort of puts up with it and you start actually enjoying it. I don't even mind sweating... Although jogging in summertime can be really challenging. If it's too hot your ming keeps slipping to thinking about the bottle of water you clasp frantically in your hand and about a halt out there and there's no more leeway for pleasure. You get this feeling that you're traversing a gigantic oven that has no end...

Thankfully, not yet =)


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