Ojos Verdes
Geez, I'm tired. Why do people like Fridays? I'm usually so sleepy and tired by the end of the week that I only want to crawl back home, lower the blinds and bury myself under a pile of sheets. I don't even feel like taking shower at times. Ummm... so... I could whine a little more about how tired I am but I won't. I better whine about something else. For example, about my poor imagination.

I think I would like to practice my creative writing here (I mean I could post some made-up stories) and maybe I will some day pretty soon. But you can't write a good story if you have shit for plot and I never seem to have a plot other than shit. I need to relax and let my imagination float but it's so hard to do lately. I simply can't find enough time. I start fidgeting aboutf what to buy for dinner and stuff like that. But I don't plan on writing a novel, do I? All I need is a short story at a time. But even a short story must have a core... Damn, I just need to relax. I could use some pot. It's always helped people.