Ojos Verdes
The Peruvian guy called me today to tell me that... ummm... well, I'm not sure what his point was because I only understood about probably 10% of what he was saying. I think he said he was ill (or had been ill?) and was going to email me. And he was speaking ENGLISH! I actually wished he was speaking Spanish, I may have understood a little more. God, that is some accent! I just kept saying "mm-huh" and "sure" without even understanding things. I hope he is not coming to visit or something... And I really hope I didn't hurt his feelings! I wonder if my accent is just as bad when I speak Spanish...

Guys! Those who learn English or any other foreign language. Please, pay MORE attention to pronunciation! It DOES matter!!! And if you're not sure that your pronunciation is good enough then don't call people, TEXT them!!!


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