Ojos Verdes
Hey! It looks like one more person is going to try to read my blog! I'm almost popular! :tongue: Welcome anyway! Feel free to say whatever comes to your mind!

Well, what I actually wanted to write is that I absolutely hate getting up early. I feel like a wreck each time I have to wake up before 8 a.m. I only know one girl who wakes up at dawn and feels truly awake. She can actually start laundry at 7 a.m.! Crazy!

I have a co-worker… He’s younger than me by several years and he’s quite attractive but simply not my type. Too feminine, I would say. But he's not gay (if he is he's not aware of that yet) and I know he likes me. It feels good. I am not going to have any relationship with him but his interest flatters me. It’s been a while since a man other than my boyfriend showed any interest. Nearly all the men I know also know my boyfriend (since they are mostly his friends) and so they treat me like I’m genderless. And this guy… I can’t say he flirts but he often tries to catch my gaze and starts small talks about books and things like that. Well, maybe he’s simply a nice guy and there’s no premeditation in his actions but I sort of hope otherwise. Being a schoolgirl I never had any admirers and I hoped that when I grow up I would be more popular. I’ve never wanted guys to lust after me, it is somewhat disgusting but… damn, I don’t know… I guess I just want some attention… I'm a girl after all.