Ojos Verdes
I used to like my job, really. But little-by-little things kept getting worse. My boss is getting more and more bitchy every day, I don't know if her husband doesn't want to fuck her properly or her crappy mood has other reasons, either way, she vents all her mental shit on us. And I hate it.

Anyway, I've always wondered how people manage to maintain good relationship with their ex's. People don't split up for good reasons. If you were lovers once you can't stay "friends", it's not normal. You can either hate or love each other, there are no other options. You might be too polite to confess it and pretend you don't care, but deep inside you either keep loving or start hating them. At least it's true for girls. I've recently met my ex-boyfriend... Sadly, he's alive. I sort of hoped he would be washed away by Sandy back in November. It's none of my business after all... he's out of my life and all that... But if there's a war or something and I end up running through the city with a gun and see him... naah, he's not worth a bullet. I'll break his both legs and let him go. And if I have ample time I might cut his dick off too. Yeah, I hate that guy.